How do you find realities in life?

Winning with this awards Ms.Judy Santos and Ms.Sharon Cuneta a duo of both a very good Actresses. 

YearFilm FestivalAwardRecipient

2003FAMAS AwardsBest ActressSharon Cuneta (Nominee)

2003FAMAS AwardsBest

EditingTara Illenberger (Nominee)2003

Gawad Urian AwardsBest Supporting ActressJudy Ann Santos (Nominee)

How to be a Good example to my younger brothers and sister?

What Gift can you present to your Sister or Brother for his/her Birthday?

Magkapatid Directed by: Mr. Joel Lamangan 2002

The “Magkapatid” story is a movie of two sisters Judy Ann Santos as the younger sister of Ms.Sharon Cuneta (Cita) whose the eldest sister. By the time I watched this movie I realized that even he or she was your friend even your brother or sister, it so hard to forgive them when we talks about life. The role played by Judy Ann (Liza) who was married at the young age with Dingdong Dantes (Mike) he is jobless, she is not like her sister Ms.Sharon that her families financial depends of what her sister support to her. She has two son Marco and Miguel while Cita has only one son, her husband was Mr. Christoffer De Leon (Bobby) their son was Justin, this kid was a swimmer. Tragedy struck when Cita’s only son Justin and Liza’s son Marco drowned while they are on trip, when Cita lived her son Justin in take care of Liza and Mike. What happened was the two kids both Marco and Justin was planned for boating without the permission of Liza and Mike, and by that the two kids was drowned, Cita tried to save her son but its all too late she never get her son’s back. Liza, with a broken relationship with their family supporter, struggles on how to keep her family alive. Eventually her son got sick and in order to keep her son alive, she agreed with the deal to let her sister keep his son in exchange for the one Cita lost.

In the end, the sisters reconciled and resolved the past that pushed them apart of each other.

it is a very interesting movie para sa mga magkakapatid na malalayo ang loob sa isa’t isa.

My Brother’s, younger siblings both of them are so far to me, we are not much close to each other. Sometimes I ask myself “Why do I need to do that are we not brothers?” All I want for them is to make everything serious, because life is limited and we need to prioritize every seconds of our life.

"A Brother is a friend given by nature."

Jean Baptiste

10 things that need a Brother/Sister do to their younger brother’s and sister’s:

  • Be an Open mind Kuya/Ate: In every situation it happens sometime that we don’t care to their problem. By this way they can share problem to their older siblings.
  • Avoid Arguing: Arguing is not the best solution to our problem so avoid doing that and extend our patient. Don’t be aggressive ‘coz it will not help for us to be close to our younger sibling.
  • Be Patient: Just like what I’ve said patient is important to us that serve as their respect to us. Sometimes it happen that our younger brother/sister won’t listen to us so we’ll need to be patient to them.
  • Respect them, so they can Respect us: As to be an Older Brother it is important to them that we must respect our younger siblings so they will respect us also.
  • Give your Opinion: Its better for us to hear them our opinion sometimes so they can understand what the point of the problem. By that they cannot misinterpret the message if they are scolded by our parents.
  • Do not make it seriously: It happens that we need to shout them if they are pesky, so avoid being high tempered because it makes them uncomfortable.
  • To be Protective: As a brother it is our responsibility to confront those person (Kids/Teen/Adult) who has been the enemy of our younger siblings to know whats the root of their misunderstanding. Do not show any emotions or to be aggressive.
  • Approaching: Basically as a Brother/Sister we must learn or know how we approach to them if they made a mistake, so they can talk to us without lying. It happen sometimes that they are not telling the truth.
  • Impress: As a Brother/Sister we must impress them so they can have hobbit of what we do most likely they want to do. 
  • Be a Good Example: Its better if we are the one to be a good model when it comes to moral value to our younger brother/sister so they can be a good model too.


Have a hard time in a one on one problem sharing: sometimes it happen that were having a problem with my Papa for everytime he had a sermon to us.image

Be a good brother: Maybe its hard for them to understand me sometimes, because I have a bad attitude that I need to shout them sometimes.


Bonding together: I want to have a bonding with my little borther and my only one little sister, for everytime I care for them mostly in school especially their grades.


Pursue the Dream: What I mean is to have a better future not for my younger siblings but to our “Mama and Papa”. Maybe we can’t say it to them personally but we hope in the future.


Surpass What our father’s work: What we want is to surpass what my papa did for us. All the effort, sacrifice, time to provide us a better future.


Educate them: Maybe it would be hard for me to educate them because they too young, and its my responsibility as a “Brother” so I need to be patient until they grow up.