maybe I’m fool because I can’t tell to you that I’m still in love you, but the guy you love hurts you. Do I need to be guilty? I hope someday you will appreciate me.

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Justice is for rich people only and for those person who has the power to control everything they wanted? And how about those people was victim in a crime which they did not commit to do? Where’s the justice?

How do you find realities in life?

Winning with this awards Ms.Judy Santos and Ms.Sharon Cuneta a duo of both a very good Actresses. 

YearFilm FestivalAwardRecipient

2003FAMAS AwardsBest ActressSharon Cuneta (Nominee)

2003FAMAS AwardsBest

EditingTara Illenberger (Nominee)2003

Gawad Urian AwardsBest Supporting ActressJudy Ann Santos (Nominee)

How to be a Good example to my younger brothers and sister?

What Gift can you present to your Sister or Brother for his/her Birthday?

Magkapatid Directed by: Mr. Joel Lamangan 2002

The “Magkapatid” story is a movie of two sisters Judy Ann Santos as the younger sister of Ms.Sharon Cuneta (Cita) whose the eldest sister. By the time I watched this movie I realized that even he or she was your friend even your brother or sister, it so hard to forgive them when we talks about life. The role played by Judy Ann (Liza) who was married at the young age with Dingdong Dantes (Mike) he is jobless, she is not like her sister Ms.Sharon that her families financial depends of what her sister support to her. She has two son Marco and Miguel while Cita has only one son, her husband was Mr. Christoffer De Leon (Bobby) their son was Justin, this kid was a swimmer. Tragedy struck when Cita’s only son Justin and Liza’s son Marco drowned while they are on trip, when Cita lived her son Justin in take care of Liza and Mike. What happened was the two kids both Marco and Justin was planned for boating without the permission of Liza and Mike, and by that the two kids was drowned, Cita tried to save her son but its all too late she never get her son’s back. Liza, with a broken relationship with their family supporter, struggles on how to keep her family alive. Eventually her son got sick and in order to keep her son alive, she agreed with the deal to let her sister keep his son in exchange for the one Cita lost.

In the end, the sisters reconciled and resolved the past that pushed them apart of each other.

it is a very interesting movie para sa mga magkakapatid na malalayo ang loob sa isa’t isa.